Pet Crate Table

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Always innovative, Crown Pet Products is proud to introduce our new Pet Crate with a Security Panel that will prevent Pups from chewing the wood door, while keeping the appearance of fine furniture. A great training tool, we added a clear polycarbonate panel to the inside of the crate door that doesn't change the appearance of the crate. Decorative yet functional, this pet crate is built with Eco-Friendly Rubberwood, a durable hardwood, and has a stained and lacquered finish just like fine furniture. The durability of Mortise and Tenon construction adds strength to the crate.

The versatile swing-through door can be fastened shut or rotated inside to provide access for pets while being out to the way. The clear panel can be easily removed when you are sure your Pet is trained. This feature can only be found on Crown Pet Crates.

The easy-to-clean Melamine covered MDF floor is waterproof, which eliminates the absorption of liquids and odors. Multiple vents provide a 360-degree view, while providing excellent ventilation. We have also upgraded our door latch to an attractive, stronger latch that will make the door more secure.

Available in two Finish Options that will complement your home's décor: Mahogany and Espresso.

Features of the Crown Pet Crate Table:

  • Beautifully stained and lacquered finish looks like fine furniture
  • Made from Eco-Friendly Rubberwood that is durable and strong
  • New Security Panel on door that can be easily removed after training
  • Versatile swing-through door allows access while being out of the way
  • New door latch makes door stronger and more secure
  • Waterproof melamine covered MDF floor eliminates absorption of liquid or odors and is easy to clean
  • Durable Mortise & Tenon construction adds strength to the pet crate
  • Non-marking furniture glide feet protect floors from scratching
  • Multiple vents provide a 360° view and a well-ventilated environment


External Dimensions - 21" x 29.7" x 24.2"

Internal Dimensions - 19.4" x 28.2" x 22"


External Dimensions - 27.2" x 39.6" x 27.3"

Internal Dimensions - 24.1" x 37" x 25.1"